6 Ways To Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

With many new developments coming up in Vietnam, there is going to be a lot of studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom units coming up. With the size of homes getting smaller, there is a need to take better care of your home design. In this article, we will learn 6 ways to make a your home looks more spacious by using effective design, colours and nature.

1. Natural Light

Let natural light seep in to create depth. Take a step further and replace the curtains with blinds or shades if you need privacy. 


If your house does not have a good layout to capture the outside light, you can install glass partition to allow light to light up the darker corners of the room. 

2. Mirrors

Another common method is to make use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to create the illusion of a bigger space. Choose large full-length mirrors or position smaller mirrors opposite windows or in front of a light source to enhance the lighting.

3. Replace overhead lights with smaller lamps

Top-down lighting can be harsh and draws attention to one space. Instead, set up smaller lamps at different corners of the house to spread light around the area and draw the eye around the room.


4. Select furnitures with sleek legs

As boundaries between room blur, reduce the chunk by choosing less bulky furnitures with sleek legs and contoured body.

5. Get rid of clutter

Clutter is the nemesis of space. Minimise the sight of clutter with multi-purpose furniture or hidden storage space.

6. Light coloured walls and floorings

Light coloured floorings and walls are common ways to make the room feel airy as opposed to dark colours. If pure white isn't your preferred choice of palette, add a dash of colours in your furniture or try pale-coloured wallpapers or titles.

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