5 Ways to Improve Sales with VN Property

Property broker is not an easy job. On one hand, you have to keep in contact with owners so that you have a constant supply of apartments for rent and apartments for sale; on the other hand, you have to constantly source for new tenants and buyers. Many new brokers had the wrong impression that it can work as a part-time job, only to find limited success, and ultimately giving it up.

For those who persevere and treat it as a professional career, the rewards can be great. I have known many successful people who started off with simply just being a property broker. One of the best-known success stories is about Barbara Corcoran, who started a job renting out apartments in New York. Today, she is a successful businesswoman, investor, consultant, columnist, author and television personality.

Today, it is much easier for brokers like all of you to reach out to more customers: owners, tenants or buyers. With VN Property, your growth potential is exponentially greater. In this article, we will share with you 5 ways that you can improve sales with our property portal.

1. Having a Professional Profile   

Figure 1: Not a professional looking profile photo

Figure 2: A much more professional photo 

VN Property is a unique property portal that focuses as much on the brokers as the property you are selling or renting. Our users, both foreigners and locals, are not just using the site to look for the Vietnam property of their choice; they are also looking for the broker to represent them. It is of utmost importance that you portray a likeable and professional image at a glance with your complete contact details such as full name and mobile number. Please go through the profile page again tonight, and carefully select a suitable profile image, one that sends out the correct message. You should also upload the logo of the company you are working for. (Remember, having an incomplete profile or uploading a photo of your pet will only send negative impressions to the users.

2. Double the Language, Double the Success 

Figure 3: A good example of a dual language property description 

VN Property website is available in both English and Vietnamese, and we will always look for ways to assist brokers in selling to both locals and foreigners. However, we are unable to assist you in translating your property description. To attract both foreign and local customers, we would suggest you typed in a description in both languages. This way, you get double the exposure!

3. Videos are the New Images

Images sells. By now you would have realized that having good-looking photos will greatly enhance your chances of success; but when everyone is posting images, how do you stand out? That’s right – videos. VN Property allows brokers to link a single Youtube video to your property. Watching a video will provide a wholesome understanding of the apartment you are marketing without the need to actually view it!

4. Power of Social Media

Figure 4: The Social Buttons are located right below the map in your property detail page

So you have posted a new apartment for rent with us. What now? Our website will assist you to spread this new listing to our ever-increasing users, but there is a way you can enhance this – by sharing it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. At the lower section of your property page, you will find an array of social buttons to assist you with this. Not just post them, spread them too!

5. Your Personal Webpage 

Do you know that VN Property creates a mini webpage for each broker once you have registered with us? Your mini webpage displays your contact details, an online form to get in touch with you, and the entire list of properties, which you are currently marketing. Your personal URL will be fixed so you can use it to quickly showcase all your assets. You could even add it onto your name card!

We hope the above 5 ways will go a long way in assisting you to success. Do let us know if you thought of any ways that we can improve by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..