Quoc Lo 50 street, Can Giuoc, Long An, , Long An



Asking Price

Key details

Property Type: Warehouse
Size: 1000 m2


Kizuna 1 is located in Tan Kim IP, National Road 50:

Convinient location, save cost for transportation:

• From HCM city: 19 km

• From TSN airport: 24 km

• From Phu My Hung: 16 km

• From Saigon Port: 19 km

• From Cat Lai Port: 26 km

Brand new factories with beatuiful scenery and high quality.

Legal support:

• Kizuna owns the land, easy to buy or return the factories in case of business scale change

• Positive support in Legal Documentary

• Get Investment Certificate within 15 working days

• Tax incentive: Cooperate tax free in 2 years and 50% in next 4 years


• Situational and instantaneous on-site services

• Support to get the Invesment Certificate and company stamp for free

• Free labor recruitment support

• Easily to establish EPE (Enterprise Processing Export)

Trong points:

• 3 levels security 24/24: One in/out station, Surrounded 2.1m wall with security camera and alarm, Camera system for each workshop and 24/7 security force

• Dual power supply keeps the production continuously 24/24

• Easy to own factory and easily check out (return the factory) when the investor wants to change production scale: No penalty, Refund 100% deposit, Refund unused rent fee

• Effective business community in Kizuna with periodical business matching seminars

• Large population and local labor

Customer feedback

Mr. Myung Sun Yoo – Semitec Company (Korea)

“Kizuna has high standard infrastructure, good services, friendly staffs.”

Mr. James Byun – Somang Vina Company (Korea)

“KZN can be one of the best options considering the professional services, the location and the size of leasing factories for SMEs.”

Mr. Ryan Ching - Essential Flavor Company (Australia)

“Kizuna supported us not only getting the Investment Certificate but also labor recruitment. If we set up the business by ourselves, we couldn’t get the same support.”

Mr. Kawazoe Kazuya - Elle Un Company (Japan)

“The factory building is very expensive and takes a long time, and other difficulties may arise. So we choose the ready built rental serviced factories in Kizuna, we also adapt to changes in the business environment in Vietnam (if any)."

Mr. Tamaki Yasumasa – Technopack Company (Japan)

“Kizuna has a convenient location close to raw material sources and target market, a clean environment, goof customer service, staffs are good in Japanese.”

Mr. HiroshiKo – Tabuchi Company (Japan)

“Kizuna has a favorable environment, with a convenient location near Ho Chi Minh City for business activities, reciprocal staffs in Japanese and good legal support.”

For more detail please contact us


HOTLINE: 0913 716 703 – 0913 716 785 – 0913 716 702 – 0913 716 728

Email: – Website:

Address: National Road 50 - Lot K –Tân Kim IP, Cần Giuộc, Long An Province, Vietnam

Contact Name: Công Ty Kizuna JV
Contact Number: 0913716785


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