Diamond Lotus Lakeview - Ideal apartments in Tan Phu, HCM

Project Lotus Garden, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh, Tân Phú, Hồ Chí Minh


23 Million VND

Asking Price

23 Million/m 2

Key details

Property Type: Apartment


Diamond Lotus is developed by Phuc Khang Corp, under Leed standards from US. With building density of 35%, Diamond Lotus Lake View provides modern amenities and an airy, fresh living space.

Price: 23 million/m2 - 25 million/m2. Call: 0946.260.722

1. Zen Lotus Sky Park.
It's an unique architecture in heart of Saigon. A complex of entertainment and relaxation.

2. Diamond Lotus Center.
Trade center, gym, spa, community room, restaurant,..

3. Lotus Pool.
Swimming pool, café, music.

4. Wonderland.
Children playground, wonder park, science experience.

5. IDL Academy.
Kindergarten and center of skill development for children.

6. Lotus Mart.

Types of Diamond Lotus Lake View apartments:

1. Deluxe Lakeview (DL): 58.2 – 67,2 m2.
2. Deluxe Cityview (DC): 54.6 - 62.4 m2.
3. Suite Lakeview (SL): 75.4 m2 – 81.4 m2.

All apartments in Diamond Lotus Lake View will bring you a cozy home with luxury furniture, comfortable life.

If you're interested, please contact Ms Nhung - 0946.260.722 for further consultancy and support..

Contact Name: Hoàng Nhung
Contact Number: 0946260722


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