Booking now for the opening sale of Masteri An Phu, District

Project Masteri Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh, ,


35 Million VND

Asking Price

35 Million/m 2

Key details

Property Type: Apartment


"If you want to sell a car, first you should spend five dollars to wash and polish it. Then, you should also give a little extra work to apply grease to it. Finally, you will find yourself is to sell four hundred dollar profit, although it’s still just that car”, Donald Trump said. And it’s also an example for Masteri An Phu, you can invest now, make reservations for us for the highest profitability. And as well as, you shouldn’t pass this opportunity, if not you’ll regret. Hotline: 0915 771 277 or mail:

Should choose Masteri An Phu for investing in product lines at present?
To answer this question, our experts made a short analysis to the concerns of customers who want to choose Masteri An Phu for investing in the future

1. Best prime location:
Masteri An Phu is located on Ha Noi highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 that is a high-end living area with prime location in Thao Dien, District 2. This is a project providing multi-facilities and the largest and most modern commercial center in the East of Ho Chi Minh city. Connect direct with Metro station, next to Vincom Megamall. Only 10' to 15' to come around area

There is another high-class apartment project in District 2. However, Masteri An Phu has its reputation for directly connected with Metro station. Moreover, general market costs range over 40 million per square meter , while Masteri An Phu only costs 35 million per square meter but beautiful location with class, the utilities around are also various.

2. Best developers
This project was developed by Thao Dien Investment, which was extremely successful with the brand product line Masteri, typically as Masteri Thao Dien, M-One Masteri.

Techcombank will act as project underwriter and the bank will ensure that should the project not be completed on schedule that all costs for the buyers, including deposits, interest, and related fines will be covered. Techcombank will also ensure the release of capital flows based on the project’s progress.

General Information
Developers: Thao Dien Investment
Contractor: Coteccons
Total area: 10,000m2
Total scale: 2 towers with 33 floors + 2 basements
Total floor area: 89.964 m2
Products: Apartment, Officetel, Penthouse, Shophouse
Total units: 900 apartments
Range of units in square meter:
+ One-bedroom: 48- 52m2.
+ Two-bedroom: 59- 72m2.
+ Three-bedroom: 86 -99m2.
Floor 1 to 3: Apartments for service and trade
Floor 4 above: Apartments for sale
Construction date: Quarter IV/2016
Hand over: Quarter IV/2018

3. Best luxury style:
With the goal of bringing a totally comfortable life, and luxury-class residents, investors focused beyond perfect design every detail was specially arranged internal facility systems with diverse kinds Figure cater to the needs of residents such as swimming pools, modern luxury gym, children’s play area, business center, parks and community activities.

Contact Name: Le To Nhu
Contact Number: 0915771277


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