Flats which are opposite Ba Mau Lake are considered to be four–star hotel. Fee apply: ≈ 355 USD

Ho Ba Mau street, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Đống Đa, Hà Nội


8 Million VND

Asking Price

Key details

Property Type: Apartment


1. Location: These flats are situated on Giai Phong street and Xa Dan one that are recorded to be hottest spots in Hanoi. You are able to park your cars or motorbikes in front of your house. Furthermore, it is very convenient for you and your family members to approach supermarkets, Vietnamese traditional markets, entertainment centers and schools. Flats are upgraded with furniture, Wi-Fi, as well as various services. Best choice for long - term settlement!
2. Area: Area of the building is 150m2, with 7 floors and 26 rooms in total. Each room, which has an area of around 25m2 to 40m2, is not only spacious but also utmost modern and cool.
3. Design: Each room, which is equipped with fully state – of – the – art furniture and facilities , has 1-2 living room(s), 1 kitchen, 1 toilet, 2 bedrooms and 1 romantic balcony.
4. Furniture and convenience: Each room has a cabinet in kitchen, an electric water heater in bathroom, and air – conditioner(s).
5. Most outstanding advantages of living in here:
• Fresh atmosphere & Peaceful surroundings
• Convenience
• Breathtaking view to beautiful Ba Mau Lake.
• Maximum security: Having guards in 24/7. All tenants in building are proven to have good life styles and charming personalities.
• Having a large garage to park your cars and motorbikes.
6. What’s the rent?: Around 355 USD / month + one month deposit. Paying money for two - month rent each time. Short - term rent ( at least 3 - month rent ) is acceptable.
7. Contact us now:
• Representative: Dang Nhat Truong
• Tel: 0917.093.027 (or Zalo) or via g-mail: truongthuechungcumini@gmail.com
• Website: rongbayland.com

Notice: Many customers would prefer to visit rented houses individually. We appreciate their choices. However, with highly experience in real estate, we are proud of helping you to choose the most suitable place to live and enjoy your life. Customers will not have to go around day – by – day or wander in many websites to find rented flats if they collaborate with us! Our duty is to meet your demands!

The fee for us is extremely reasonable – 30% of the fee for one-month rent (you just need to pay for us ONCE only).

We are delighted to go along with you if you want to look through a rented house before moving in. All is free!
We wish you well in having a dreaming flat!

Contact Name: Dang Nhat Truong
Contact Number: 0917093027


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