About VN Property

Vietnam property market is very popular among investors. With the influx of foreigner companies and booming economy, the real estate industry is poised to grow further.

In July 2015, foreigners are now allowed buy Vietnam properties as an investment. With the ever-growing number of expatriates arriving, the future certainly looks bright.

However, even with the increased interest and activity in this market, there is a lack of readily available information on properties. This is especially true for expatriates who could not speak the local language.

And thus VN Property is started.

VN Property portal was started in 2015, together with the introduction of the new Vietnamese property law, to provide property seekers with the necessary information so that they can find their ideal property.

With the internet boom, changing habits of consumers and the relaxation of property laws in Vietnam, VN Property is set to create a new benchmark in service level for the Vietnam property industry.